Wings of Fire: The New World is a community-driven Minecraft: Java Edition server based on the Wings of Fire series of novels.

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Welcome to the World of Wings of Fire!

Wings of Fire: The New World is a Minecraft: Java Edition dedicated server that aims to create the world of Wings of Fire in a large-scale, player-interactive experience.

The server began in March 2016 by ebelle. It started as a small whitelisted community branching off of the Wings of Fire Fanon Wiki. The map, currently in its fourth iteration, is custom-made to recreate Pyrrhia and Pantala from Wings of Fire. The server's story is set thousands of years following the canon events of the book series and boasts a unique cast of characters and an extensive new world full of lore to explore!

The world has grown from under 600 blocks across to nearly 10,000.
The staff team has grown from one person to over twenty.
The community has grown from about thirty-five members to well over a thousand.

Check out what we've created!

The RainWing village.

RainWing Village

The World of Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire: The New World is currently the largest and most complete 3D recreation of Pyrrhia and Pantala from Wings of Fire, and it's entirely open for your creation!

Elytras of Fire

Elytras of Fire introduces three series-inspired and all-new abilities for each tribe. Get unique powers and abilities depending on which tribe you choose to play!

Jewel Hive

A view of Jewel Hive

The Hub

The Hub

Eye of Onyx

Wings of Fire: The New World features the Eye of Onyx royalty system, which allows you to climb the ranks and become ruler of a kingdom! Challenge your superiors and compete in a mini-game to rise up the ranks and become the ruler of a kingdom.

We also have all this neat stuff!

We've come a long way from a small server to a flourishing, ever-growing community. Our staff team has continued to cultivate the server in hopes of allowing future generations of young readers to partake in a fun, safe server that they can enjoy. All staff on the server are volunteers and are very passionate about keeping both the Discord and Minecraft communities safe.

Map of Pyrrha

Pyrrhia - 9856 x 8448 blocks

Map of Pantala

Pantala - 5760 x 2632 blocks

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Join the Community

We have a wonderful, inviting, and vibrant community that has steadily been growing. We use Discord as our primary communication platform for announcements, events, and chatting!

Note that, per Discord's Terms of Service, you must be at least 13 years old or have the consent of your parent or guardian to create a Discord account.

Interested in joining?

Our server requires your username to be added to a whitelist to be able to join. We recommend you join the Discord server to really get into the community, but you can also input your name here if you want.

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